For our first ever blog post we felt it only right to talk about the much loved iconic style that inspired our brand. It’s fair to say at Very Stylish Girl, we simply adore the City of Light. We love the coffee, the food, the shopping and the "oh la la" of the beautiful place. We particularly admire the ability of Parisian women to appear readily stylish no matter the time of day or occasion.

Whether in the east in Le Marais or the west in Champ De Mars, the Parisian women (and men!) know how to pull off effortless yet chic looks. Here we share the style tips we gained on trips to the beautiful capital whilst sipping delicious coffee, watching the world go by...


Minimalist Basics
French fashion is all about simple basics that go together seamlessly. These are timeless pieces that can be worn season after season, yet still look modern.
Take the Breton stripe top for example. This classically French style is always there for you, ready to be teamed with denim for a casual look or ramp up sophistication by wearing it with a well-tailored blazer.
We imagine the French woman's wardrobe to be a well curated, capsule collection of such basics to mix and match creating different dressed up or dressed down looks depending on the occasion.


Never Over Exposed
The Parisian woman doesn’t deem exposing lots of flesh as sexy. Instead, she opts for a reserved, classier version of sexiness. She never bares all. For her, it is all about balance. For example, a high cut top is worn with a shorter skirt to expose a bit of leg. Or a lower cut top paired with a maxi skirt or trousers to show just the right amount of her décolletage. A style is never too short or too low, whatever her age.


Less is More

“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off” - Coco Chanel

As Coco so rightly pointed out, less is definitely more when it comes to accessories. When choosing the finishing touches go for simple and minimal accessories that will complete your effortless look - not dominate it. We love anything in a tan shade as this goes with pretty much everything and always looks super stylish.


Style Over Trends
Another thing we noticed is that the Parisian's approach to fashion is more about being style conscious rather than being a slave to ‘trends’. They are aware of what looks work for them so when choosing an outfit, it's based on what suits their style and not what’s ‘in’. Of course they have an interest in fashion but carefully selected new seasons pieces are teamed with classics to create a modern yet timeless look.


An Inner Confidence
Regardless of age or fashion attitude, the Parisian woman knows what she likes to wear and what suits her. She possesses an inner confidence in her ability to put looks together.
All in all, she dresses for her and cares not about other’s opinions...


It is fair to say the Parisian style is one to be admired and emulated in many ways. By learning more about what suits us and how to build a capsule wardrobe, we can gain a better sense of personal style and, in turn, build confidence.

Shouldn't we all be more Parisian?


June 15, 2017 — Helen Portas