Sustainability at VSG


One of the hardest things about trying to be more sustainable is knowing where to shop and how to start your sustainability journey. Now more than ever, as a fashion business, we are hugely aware of sustainability and how products we stock are produced. There are some incredible brands out there that are doing their bit for the environment, and they are continuously working on incorporating as many sustainable fabrics as possible into their product ranges. We are proud to stock some of these at Very Stylish Girl.

Investing in a seasonal wardrobe is key for sustainable fashion. Instead of buying a piece of clothing for a special occasion, ask yourself if this is a versatile piece that you can style all year round. Buy timeless pieces for your wardrobe that you can style in different ways.

I'm sure you have heard the reference of quality over quantity and it's something we completely agree with. Investing in higher quality pieces means you will spend less in the long-run and will have these items for longer.

Here are a few facts about the sustainable fabrics that two of our favourite brands use in their manufacturing.


Soya Concept

Sustainable Viscose

Sustainable viscose differs from conventional viscose by ensuring that the natural resources used are replaced. Every time a tree is cut down, a new tree is planted. Compared to conventional viscose production, the production of sustainable viscose is responsible for up to 50% fewer emissions. It uses half as much energy and water, and the pulp-bleaching process is 100% chlorine-free.


Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is a fibre that respects the environment and the people who cultivate and process it. By only cultivating and growing with natural fertilisers, we ensure soil fertility and the safety of the farmers. The production cares for the condition of the soil and ensures a better soil for our future generations. Water in organic cotton production is being used more efficiently – meaning less water is consumed or polluted and the production process enhances biodiversity.


Recycled Polyester

Recycled polyester may share the same name as conventional polyester yet these two fibres are very different. Recycled polyester production reduces the human and environmental impact immensely, as it reduces the extraction of natural resources. Recycled polyester is made from PET waste plastics and is greener, more eco-friendly alternative to virgin polyester. Recycled polyester production uses water more efficiently than conventional production - less water is used and less water is polluted. Converting PET plastic waste into new garments uses up to 50% less energy than producing conventional polyester. This fabric can be recycled numerous times – allowing us to minimise waste.



Carbon-neutral fish leather

The fish leather used in all WODEN sneakers is a waste product from the Icelandic fishing and food industry. An industry in which only 1% of the skin is actually used, and the rest is destroyed. The fish leather, which comes primarily from salmon skins, is both hard-wearing and sustainable. This is due to the unique cross-fibre structure of the fish leather which makes it up to 10 times stronger than calf leather. The fish leather is treated and tanned in Iceland using gentle and eco-friendly methods aided by Iceland’s natural hot springs. This tanning process produces 0% carbon emissions.


Recycled polyester

WODEN sneakers’ backing consists of 50% recycled polyester from PET bottles. By using everyday waste to create new textiles for our sneakers, they minimize the use of crude oil in the production of new fibres. It also means that their textile production is less energy-consuming.



Woden insoles are covered with the characteristic WODEN cork. The cork that they use is harvested in Argentina and Portugal. The bark of a cork tree can be harvested gently every ten years. Since the cork trees are not felled, the bark can be harvested over several hundred years. When the cork trees begin to form new bark, they convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. This contributes to a positive reduction in the planet’s CO2 levels.



Pollution causes excessive growth of harmful algae in fresh water. When the algae die and sink to the bottom, the decomposition process uses the oxygen from the water. At worst, this results in oxygen depletion, causing fish, benthos and plants to die. By collecting algae and using them in their EVA soles, they reduce their need for crude oil and support UN Sustainable Development Goal number 14: Life below water.


Recycled Rubber

WODEN’s soles are made of 65% natural rubber, 10% recycled rubber and 25% conventionally produced rubber. The composition ensures elasticity and durability without compromising on support. They work continuously to increase the proportion of recycled rubber even more, but it must never compromise the quality of their sneakers.


If you have any questions about our products or would like some more information, feel free to send us an email or pop in to have a chat.

September 29, 2021 — Helen Portas

My First Boutique



Since launching Very Stylish Girl online in 2017, it has always been the dream to bring the brand to life further by opening a boutique and, in March this year, the dream came true as I opened the doors to my first VSG shop in the town of Horsforth.

Living in Yorkshire and spending a lot of time in the Horsforth area, I have always loved the charm of the stone buildings on Town Street and I see many stylish women in the area who I believed would like a boutique like Very Stylish Girl on their doorstep. I also wanted to be amongst other long-standing independents who share the same passion of creating an out-of-town destination for those looking for something alternative to what’s available on the high street.

 The vision is the same as when I launched the business two years ago, to offer contemporary yet considered fashion in high quality fabrics for the woman who wants to be stylish whatever her age - all without the high price tag. I also wanted to create an environment where women can easily browse, try-on and buy in stylish surroundings whilst receiving knowledgeable and friendly customer service. Seeing the reaction from women when they try-on something they feel and look fabulous in is what I love and that’s why I opened the boutique.

Both in the shop and online, you’ll find curated collections from Scandinavian brands such as Kaffe, Soya Concept and Soaked In Luxury as well as our own-label, Very Stylish Girl.

As well as finding styles you can mix and match to create your own, individual look, you’ll also find a wide range of styles to suit any occasion - from everyday casual wear to something a bit more dressy for a special day on your social calender. To add the finishing touch to your outfit, or to buy as a gift, there is a range of affordable, statement jewellery from Big Metal London. I love to support independent labels so you’ll find beautiful handcrafted leather bags from Tori Lo Designs and casualwear and accessories from Etoile Lifetstyle. Both seasonal and in-season collections arrive regularly and to always offer a further element of freshness, I am always looking out for new, niche brands I know you will love.

As well as all styles being available on-line for national and international delivery, we also offer click and collect so if you see something you like on our website, to avoid disappointment if it’s a popular style, order online and collect from the shop.

I hope to be welcoming you very soon to my Horsforth boutique.


May 09, 2019 — Helen Portas

City Break Style


Jetting off for a summer city break is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend a weekend. So, when it comes to packing, start by deciding on your favourite looks, a capsule wardrobe if you will, of easy, versatile and uncomplicated pieces that can take you from day to night and everywhere in between. At Very Stylish Girl, we recommend a neutral colour palette – think beige, brown, cream and ivory – and build the rest of your outfits around these colours. Still need a bit of help deciding? We have done some of the guesswork for you by selecting the perfect pieces ideal for travelling light and guaranteeing that coveted summer-in-the-city look.


The Classic White Shirt
Here we have a modern take on the classic white shirt with our popular White Split Side Shirt. We love this piece
s modern styling including drop shoulders and side pocket detailing, and paired with a great pair of skinny jeans, you have a look that brings elegance to everyday dressing.       


The Modern Trouser
We love a wide legged trouser and think our Ivory White Turn Up Cropped Trousers are a perfectly chic and versatile option. Extremely wearable, these cropped beauties take dressing to a new level and are perfect for hitting the streets and seeing the sites. We like to pair our trousers with something easy like our Blue Stripe Cotton T-shirt, or even a silky piece like our Black Tie Back Blouse.  


The Essential Mac
If you are looking for a
wear with everything jacket, then we suggest our Camel Cocoon Jacket. The relaxed shape makes it the perfect piece for cooler summer days and we promise it is your best bet to work with other staple separates in our collection. 


The Versatile Dress
We love a simple dress, and we especially love ones that take you from day to night with just a simple switch of accessories. Introducing our Navy Tie Back Strappy Dress
the perfect piece for the art gallery, dancefloor and everywhere else your day and night takes you. Featuring a feminine and flirty A-line shape, this dress will be a sure-fire hit for your weekend away.


When packing for a city break, we love the versatility of single, neutral colours which allow for easy transition dressing from day to night. Casual, comfortable, chic and all available on a Very Stylish Girl, here’s to picture-perfect pieces ideal for your summertime city break. Enjoy!


July 27, 2017 — Helen Portas

Blush Tones


At Very Stylish Girl, we love a delicate pale pink or blush hue. Universally flattering and wonderfully feminine, this colour goes with pretty much anything. Even if you are a lover of monochrome, blush and pink hues mix effortlessly with other neutrals including cream, ivory, beige and grey, and we think they are the perfect choices to work into your everyday wardrobe. Of course, we are ones for accessorising and together with rose gold and other pieces of metallic jewellery, the look is a match made in heaven. So, here’s to thinking pink and transforming your wardrobe into pretty perfection.  


The Top
Blush is extremely versatile, wearable and looks great on so many skin tones. We love our exquisite crepe Rose Pink Asymmetric Sleeveless Top for its sleek and polished shape and its careful finishing which lends itself to a refined quality. Paired with white jeans, you have a perfectly-coordinated outfit that projects an air of modern femininity. We suggest accessorizing with this summer’s new neutrals – rose gold or silver modern-day jewellery and statement cuffs – for a look that is elegant and timeless.


The Midi Skirt
One thing is for certain – you can never go wrong with a midi skirt and we think our Rose Pink Pleated Midi Skirt is truly your perfect summertime piece. Highly wearable, this skirt offers the ideal balance between style and comfort, and in a versatile fabric, it will be the perfect base to your outfit. This skirt works with staple separates including a white t-shirt or blouse and a charcoal grey sweater draped over the shoulders. Paired with multiple layers of gold necklaces, a choker, or even one statement necklace, you have a look that is pretty, polished and perfectly coordinated. This is how to do blush properly.


The Jumpsuit
Say hello to an hourglass silhouette with our Ivory White Bardot Wide Leg Jumpsuit – a beautiful style solution featuring a delicate touch of glamour. This cropped all-in-one occasional piece is great for a minimalistic aesthetic and looks dreamy with a glowing tan. We love the way this colour works with accent shades of pink and blush, providing an ethereal feeling of romanticism. When worn with a small metallic-coloured side-knot silk scarf and a grey leather handbag, we don’t think it gets any more beautiful than this.  

So, there you have it, blush – the perfect colour to work into your wardrobe. Just remember, to achieve blush bliss incorporate a few elements of it into your outfit while keeping the rest neutral. Lastly, don’t forget the accessories, since together, the look is twice as nice.

July 04, 2017 — Helen Portas

Parisian Perfection


For our first ever blog post we felt it only right to talk about the much loved iconic style that inspired our brand. It’s fair to say at Very Stylish Girl, we simply adore the City of Light. We love the coffee, the food, the shopping and the "oh la la" of the beautiful place. We particularly admire the ability of Parisian women to appear readily stylish no matter the time of day or occasion.

Whether in the east in Le Marais or the west in Champ De Mars, the Parisian women (and men!) know how to pull off effortless yet chic looks. Here we share the style tips we gained on trips to the beautiful capital whilst sipping delicious coffee, watching the world go by...


Minimalist Basics
French fashion is all about simple basics that go together seamlessly. These are timeless pieces that can be worn season after season, yet still look modern.
Take the Breton stripe top for example. This classically French style is always there for you, ready to be teamed with denim for a casual look or ramp up sophistication by wearing it with a well-tailored blazer.
We imagine the French woman's wardrobe to be a well curated, capsule collection of such basics to mix and match creating different dressed up or dressed down looks depending on the occasion.


Never Over Exposed
The Parisian woman doesn’t deem exposing lots of flesh as sexy. Instead, she opts for a reserved, classier version of sexiness. She never bares all. For her, it is all about balance. For example, a high cut top is worn with a shorter skirt to expose a bit of leg. Or a lower cut top paired with a maxi skirt or trousers to show just the right amount of her décolletage. A style is never too short or too low, whatever her age.


Less is More

“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off” - Coco Chanel

As Coco so rightly pointed out, less is definitely more when it comes to accessories. When choosing the finishing touches go for simple and minimal accessories that will complete your effortless look - not dominate it. We love anything in a tan shade as this goes with pretty much everything and always looks super stylish.


Style Over Trends
Another thing we noticed is that the Parisian's approach to fashion is more about being style conscious rather than being a slave to ‘trends’. They are aware of what looks work for them so when choosing an outfit, it's based on what suits their style and not what’s ‘in’. Of course they have an interest in fashion but carefully selected new seasons pieces are teamed with classics to create a modern yet timeless look.


An Inner Confidence
Regardless of age or fashion attitude, the Parisian woman knows what she likes to wear and what suits her. She possesses an inner confidence in her ability to put looks together.
All in all, she dresses for her and cares not about other’s opinions...


It is fair to say the Parisian style is one to be admired and emulated in many ways. By learning more about what suits us and how to build a capsule wardrobe, we can gain a better sense of personal style and, in turn, build confidence.

Shouldn't we all be more Parisian?


June 15, 2017 — Helen Portas