As we reach the pinnacle of our career and start to live with experience and inspiration, we want our style to follow us and to grow with us. Until now, the fashion industry has aimed its affordable clothing styles at the younger market. Many women were well and truly left behind with just the more expensive brands to turn to or fashion that marked us as trying to look younger or looking beyond our years.
That gap in the market has finally been filled by Very Stylish Girl. An online, yet boutique way of shopping that knows its market and provides well made, beautiful clothing at an affordable price. With a nod to the effortlessly chic feel of the French - our clothes are designed to be worn, to be loved and to offer inherent confidence.
Launched in March 2017, Very Stylish Girl offers an online shopping experience - with all of the convenience that this allows - alongside the in-store individualised approach. You have the option to chat with us about fashion advice as we want to make the experience of shopping with us feel personal and relaxed. Your purchases will be wrapped with love and delivered with that touch of care and attention that you'd receive in your favourite high street boutique. 
Our clothes are inspired by current catwalk styles and yet have a timeless and simple feel that takes them from one season to the next. The range is able to be mixed and matched effortlessly and can easily be worked into your own individual style.
At Very Stylish Girl, we believe that women deserve access to clothing which offer's us confidence and style and also which doesn't cost the earth and we are here to ensure it never does.